The UP Photographers’ Society invites you to attend this year’s Chasing Lights Lecture Series featuring one of the country’s renowned wedding photographers, Toto Villaruel, on October 2, 2014, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at NCAS Auditorium.

Tickets are available for only 25 Php! See you there! 

Toto Villaruel Photography:

Calling all wedding photographers and photography enthusiasts!! See you on October 2 for this year’s Chasing Lights lecture series featuring Toto Villaruel! Kitakits!!

You can message me for ticket reservations! Yay!

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Hellooooooooo!! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my UDD filled heart! <3

Cinemalaya X | August 7, 2014
Part Dos

Pre/Post Cinemalaya

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Cinemalaya X | August 7, 2014
Part Uno

Cinemalaya X with mah Cinemalaya homies (hi Mac & Juan). I actually went to CCP thrice that week with the hopes of seeing Ai-Ai Delas Alas in the flesh but heck wag daw muna sabi ng tadhana (hAHAHA chuxx lang pfuoh). Anyways, here are my personal favorites:
1. Children’s Show (Orgasmic cinematography, brilliant actors, excellent color grading!!!)
2. Sundalong Kanin (I watched this with my parents and we all loved it! Brilliant acting huhu qtpies)
3. Mariquina (Looove love the film score!!)

I’ll be back next year for sure wohoo!

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Hello! No problemo :3

Hi MV! Yep yep! Aaahhh I love your shots esp yung travel photos!! :D


080813 | Fall Out Boy live in Manila


Reblogging because HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SR&R Manila tour!!

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080813 / Fall Out Boy live in Manila 

I was lucky enough to get kinda decent shots because during the concert, all I can see were a bunch of sweaty arms, cameras, phones, and iPads. I had to tiptoe and shoot in liveview. Gah the disadvantages of being small. But heck, I HAD AN AWESOME TIME. *UGLY SOBBING*

Reblogging this because it has exactly been a year since Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock & Roll Manila tour! Ahhhhhhh!! <3

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Trying to make gifs out of UDD videos my dad took (he was singing in some of the videos omg haha) last UPLB Feb Fair yay!

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Ola! You’re welcome! :)