July 16, 2014
UPLB Campus
Typhoon Glenda aftermath

Trees and branches everywhere!! (oh and look ang daming cows sa field!!)

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July 16, 2014
Bay, Laguna
Typhoon Glenda aftermath

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Hi says my little film maleta!! It has been ages since I last opened this tin can and surprise surprise I still have a few unused film rolls! I might get back to analog photography anytime soon (yay)!

Oh and about that last photo, I’m pretty sure that my cat was asking if he can play with my “toys” hahaha.

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Up Dharma Down at LPU-Laguna’s Summer Beatz

This gig was extremely memorable both for the good and not so good reasons. 1. I GOT TO HEAR NEW WORLD LIVE FOR THE SECOND TIME HUHUHUHU CREYS 2. As much as I wanted to jump and mosh and flail my arms during New World (during the whole set actually), we were asked to “sit/kneel” for the VIP ticket holders who were sitting on monobloc chairs.

So basically we non-VIP people spent the whole gig sitting on the grass. AND LET ME TELL YOU TWAS HARD CONTAINING ALL DEM FANGIRL FEELS HUHU. Anyways, we were finally allowed to partey during the last two songs sooooo all is well.

(p.s i have nothing against LPU huhu thanks for the gig)

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Maude at LPU-Laguna’s Summer Beatz

For more photos of Maude (and UDD) clickety-click here!

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041214 | Summer Beatz at the Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna
Maude and Up Dharma Down in monochrome!

Yay to 3 month old photosets! Better extremely late than never!
I’ll be uploading the full set soon (pinky swear peksman pramis)

Timestamp: 1404809903

Up Dharma Down
Project Pie’s Year of the Artisan Pizza Block Party (read: PIZZA + UDD!!)

This photoset has been sitting in my “Drafts” folder for almost 4 months now. Aaagh I still have tons of gig photos to upload so let’s start with this yay!

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Awww thank you! :D

I support same-sex relationships!
Kidding!! Hahaha fun shoot with the Meneses sisters! ♥

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The Aytas of Bagac, Bataan

The Lola from the last frame kept on singing random lyrics followed by a hearty laugh haaay <3

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