021214 | UPLB Feb Fair 2014
Up Dharma Down (again!!) at this year’s Feb Fair! 

I’m posting these photos again because IT’S UDD’S 10TH ANNIV TODAY! Yay! Happy 10th Up Dharma!

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Low light x cityscape experiment
Something from our Christmas vacation last year. Yay to 3 month old photos!

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Aww thank you! And so are yours! <3

Up Dharma Down at this year’s UPLB Feb Fair!

Crazy, crazy night! What do you get when combine a jam-packed crowd hungry for good music and Up Dharma Down? Eternal bliss. Aaaah <3 Next year ulit!

P.S I’ll be posting more photos soon! Pinky swear!

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Three Days After at the CAS @ 41 Fair | 012913

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Hello theeere! Aw thank you! Huggles! :)

This post may be a day late but heck, this GIF should’ve been posted eons ago haha. Anyways, happy birthday to one of my favorite people in this universe!! Happy, happy birthday Armi Millare!

I remember months back, for my 18th birthday, my dad went to one of your shows in saGujio. He made me a surprise video with birthday greetings from the whole band (including Sir Toti). You told me to never stop whenever things don’t turn out the way I want to. Thank you for the kind words. I’m still holding on to that. Again, happy birthday :)

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Backpacking 2013: BAG-IW a.k.a the land of pine trees and sunflowers and PANGASINAN a.k.a bakuran ni Pat

This here, my friends, is spontaneity at its finest. The night before (or actually hours before) we left, we still haven’t secured an itinerary nor a place to stay. Well, luckily enough, everything fell into place. :)

I’m gonna be posting more photos soon yay!

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Baguio Nights

Dat face. HAHAHAHAHA derping in Baguio!!
(Yay sipag ni Prim mag-upload <3)

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